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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Open thread

This is going to be a busy weekend for us. I now heard from a reliable source that the Friday night session with the Guardian Angels will be a demonstration patrol. The Radison is just a meeting point. It is also going to be a patrol until 2 or 3 am. So volunteers better get ready, if you've been on other demonstration patrols you know it can be a workout. I'm also working on switching some of the posts over to the new blog. I'll leave whatever I don't move here for a while, but will no longer post on this blog. I'm hoping by Monday to be done, and will post on the new blog when everything is switched. As mentioned above, we'll be busy, so consider this an open thread. If you have something to say, it may be your last chance on this blog. Your comments are welcome.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pre-fab vs built here

Some questions were raised that if the pre-fab are $200,000 each then the other building isn't out of line. As with all things there are two sides to every tale. So, with a nod to Alderman Meyer, here is what the City Finance dept. thinks should be done-

The CXT product line is heralded as durable, with promotional material indicating that it is all but impervious to any calamity; natural or man-made. Unfortunately, the product line has two other characteristics that require further consideration. The first is that some (or most, depending on your viewpoint) structures of the product line have all the charm of a facility one would find in a prison yard. Spartan and durable has its place, but whether this place is a neighborhood park or Davenport’s cherished riverfront is something to be considered.

Secondly, while the product line does offer some savings on a square foot basis, the Council may consider whether a better approach would be to spend tax dollars locally, with structures that are locally designed, and locally built. Pending options selected, the CXT products can cost in the range of $225 - $275 per square foot. They have been designed and would be constructed by a company located in Spokane, Washington. They would be trucked to Davenport, and placed on a foundation that represents the only substantive, local value added component to the project. Once placed on site, they will sit in their austere imperviousness for perpetuity, monuments to taking the easy path to a solution (picked from a catalog) rather than supporting local design and construction.

Capital improvements are a Council decision, but my recommendations are as follows:

Delete the purchase of the CXT Precast Products restrooms from the agenda

Approve an amended proposal with Gere / Dismer and Missman Stanley to design the Centennial Park building and restrooms for Junge and Garfield Parks. The amended proposal (attached) specifies a not to exceed $300 per square foot cost for the three structures, with a final design fee capped at 10% of the building construction cost. As part of the design process, Gere / Dismer will investigate the viability of design and construction of all three structures as LEED certified buildings.

That's their take on it, as always comments are welcome.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Centenial Park

Seems Centenial Park will be the place to be. The City Council appropriated $2.4 million for FY2007 in the capital budget for improvements. The $945,673 for the skate park was from a separate account, and not included in this phase. The only project that would come out of the $2.4 million is the parking lot which cost $150,294.
In 2007 the city wants to put a $525,000 pavillion on the southwest corner of the skate park, above the flood plain.

The following amenities will be in the building;
1. Two restrooms
2. Drinking fountain
3. Concession stand
4. Vending machine and video game area
5. Small lockers for cell phones and misc.
6. Storage room
7. Transaction counter with rolling doors.
8. Indoor and outdoor seating
9. Mecahnical room servicing the total park north of the railroad tracks including;
a. Electrical transformer, switchgear, meters and panels
b. Plumbing, water meter, backflow preventer
c. Heating and air conditioning
d. Sound system and public address system
e. Public and house phone and data
f. Controllers for lights, security, irrigation, etc.
10. Trash room

The proposal is to rent the concession stand about 9 months a year. Access would be from a walkway/driveway, and is to be made of durable materials. The size is estimated to be 1,500 square feet. This is part of the Phase II development.

A thank you to the gentleman who shared this information, and your comments are welcome.

Weekend Guardian Angel schedule

I've been getting conflicting reports, so consider this schedule tentative. When the Midwest representative of the Guardian Angels called me last night, he said meet at the Radison at 11 pm for a long patrol. Now through Alderman Meyer I have a schedule that's different. I'll post the information he sent me, and sort it out as it happens.

Mike will be arriving from Chicago to Davenport on Friday, March 23, 2007 at 11:00 p.m. at the Radisson. He will be meeting approximately 15 volunteers who have shown an interest in becoming Guardian Angels at that time at the Radisson. Friday night will consist of an application process.

Saturday at 1:00 training sessions will begin, location TBA. The GA have four areas of training: legal, medical, self defense and patrol. They have acquired volunteer training for self-defense from a long-time former Scott County Sheriff’s Dept. deputy. The rest of the training is still being worked on.

The GA will then patrol areas of the city, locations TBA, on Saturday the 24th right after training sessions and continue until approx. 2:00-3:00 a.m.

The Chief announced this morning at Dept. Head that the Sheriff’s Dept. will be conducting the background checks for the citizens who have volunteered to be GA.

I'm glad at least the Sheriff's department is willing to work with the Guardian Angels. On top of doing the background checks, they will keep copies to know who actually are Guardian Angels. It looks like it may get busy for a while. If you signed up, please show up.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

What really cost America

Some people seem to think that the minority of us who smoke are the biggest drain on our tax and healthcare dollars. Sorry. I have some figures again kids, and smoking isn't anything beside theses figures.

Congressman Gary Miller from California has a very interesting website. On it he has some figures-

-$7.4 billion of year of our tax dollars go to educaate illegal alien's children.
-Our hospitals along the southwestern border, in 2001, provided illegal aliens with $200 million in health care, and a rumored $100 more in extended care with not a dime repayed.
-Hospitals nationwide provided illegal aliens with $21 billion in uncompensated health care in 2001.
-In California alone health care cost in FY 2001 were over $648 million.
-15% of California's prison inmates are illegal aliens which costs that state $500 million dollars annually.
The Congressman's site is located here.

Another site that has a lot of information on this subject is Vdare.

Along the same lines, how about the fact that welfare costs taxpayers $23 million a day. That's almost a million dollars an hour. Before you argue, that fact came from a liberal website.

So illegal aliens are illegal, and smoking is not. Illegal aliens are costing us taxpayers billions more than legal smokers and no one's upset. Welfare cost tacpayers way more than smoking, and no one's upset. This is my take on America's money drain, I don't think it's us smokers. Your comments are welcome.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Busy Bad boy

Saturday, March 17, 2007 1:30 pm 2902 East Kimberly Road
2:12 pm 320 West Kimberly Road

Peter T. Lindblad, 22, of Moline was arrested and charged with:
Robbery 1st Degree
Robbery 2nd Degree
Interference with Official Acts
Resisting Arrest
Public Intoxication

Lindblad is accused of robbing a 71 year old Davenport man in the parking lot of Miller Time Billiards, 2902 East Kimberly. The suspect hid behind the victim’s car and accosted the victim and demand money from him.

A short time later Lindblad threatened to “stick” a 68 year old Idaho City, ID, man with a screw driver as he robbed the man in the parking lot at Northpark Mall near the Barnes & Noble Bookstore.

The accused was apprehended by responding officers and he failed to heed the commands of the officers and advanced towards them. After being subdued he continued to resist the officers as they handcuffed him and placed him in the squad car.

There were no injuries reported in either of the robberies.

The suspect is being held in the Scott County Jail pending Court appearance. Bond is set at $46,475.00

A big thank you to my source.

Blowing smoke open thread

The population of Iowa in 2,006 was estimated to be 2,982,085 people. Since most people agree that 20% of those are smokers, that means that about 596,417 Iowans are going to pay the $130 million more in taxes. And after we pay these taxes, the money is going to health care for other people. Kids. I you're buying into that, you need help. First off, all of us smokers who can afford to go elsewhere, have bought our last pack of cigarettes in Iowa. People from surrounding states who used to come here, buy cigarettes and gas, shop, and visit our businesses are gone. The only one's left with this tax are people who can't get out of state to buy smokes. Good going. As for saving lives, hogwash. The number one killer of teenagers is car wrecks; the biggest killer of older people is heart disease. That means they got old.
So when they put a 20 cent a can tax on beer, don't cry to us smokers. Just think of the drop in drunk driving. Or when they pass an obesity tax, because that's a rising cause of death, don't cry to us smokers.
That's my thoughts, this is an open thread so post yours. Anything that's on your mind, as long as it can be read by a family member. Your comments are welcome.