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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pre-fab vs built here

Some questions were raised that if the pre-fab are $200,000 each then the other building isn't out of line. As with all things there are two sides to every tale. So, with a nod to Alderman Meyer, here is what the City Finance dept. thinks should be done-

The CXT product line is heralded as durable, with promotional material indicating that it is all but impervious to any calamity; natural or man-made. Unfortunately, the product line has two other characteristics that require further consideration. The first is that some (or most, depending on your viewpoint) structures of the product line have all the charm of a facility one would find in a prison yard. Spartan and durable has its place, but whether this place is a neighborhood park or Davenport’s cherished riverfront is something to be considered.

Secondly, while the product line does offer some savings on a square foot basis, the Council may consider whether a better approach would be to spend tax dollars locally, with structures that are locally designed, and locally built. Pending options selected, the CXT products can cost in the range of $225 - $275 per square foot. They have been designed and would be constructed by a company located in Spokane, Washington. They would be trucked to Davenport, and placed on a foundation that represents the only substantive, local value added component to the project. Once placed on site, they will sit in their austere imperviousness for perpetuity, monuments to taking the easy path to a solution (picked from a catalog) rather than supporting local design and construction.

Capital improvements are a Council decision, but my recommendations are as follows:

Delete the purchase of the CXT Precast Products restrooms from the agenda

Approve an amended proposal with Gere / Dismer and Missman Stanley to design the Centennial Park building and restrooms for Junge and Garfield Parks. The amended proposal (attached) specifies a not to exceed $300 per square foot cost for the three structures, with a final design fee capped at 10% of the building construction cost. As part of the design process, Gere / Dismer will investigate the viability of design and construction of all three structures as LEED certified buildings.

That's their take on it, as always comments are welcome.


QuadCityImages said...

Here's the website for these CXT buildings.

cruiser said...

Thanks for the nod QCI. Also on the other blog, I have the architect cost figures. The link is at the top of the links section to the right of the blog.