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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Centenial Park

Seems Centenial Park will be the place to be. The City Council appropriated $2.4 million for FY2007 in the capital budget for improvements. The $945,673 for the skate park was from a separate account, and not included in this phase. The only project that would come out of the $2.4 million is the parking lot which cost $150,294.
In 2007 the city wants to put a $525,000 pavillion on the southwest corner of the skate park, above the flood plain.

The following amenities will be in the building;
1. Two restrooms
2. Drinking fountain
3. Concession stand
4. Vending machine and video game area
5. Small lockers for cell phones and misc.
6. Storage room
7. Transaction counter with rolling doors.
8. Indoor and outdoor seating
9. Mecahnical room servicing the total park north of the railroad tracks including;
a. Electrical transformer, switchgear, meters and panels
b. Plumbing, water meter, backflow preventer
c. Heating and air conditioning
d. Sound system and public address system
e. Public and house phone and data
f. Controllers for lights, security, irrigation, etc.
10. Trash room

The proposal is to rent the concession stand about 9 months a year. Access would be from a walkway/driveway, and is to be made of durable materials. The size is estimated to be 1,500 square feet. This is part of the Phase II development.

A thank you to the gentleman who shared this information, and your comments are welcome.


QuadCityImages said...

What's your take on it Cruiser?

cruiser said...

I don't really have an opinion, other than that seems like a lot of money. I don't use the skatepark. My son does, and he says skateboarders would be happy with bathrooms,a drinking fountain, and outside benches.

Anonymous said...

This is a 1500 square foot building. $500,000 seems like an awlful lot of money for a 1500 square foot building, and the city ownes the land.
The Park Department is going to place to pre-fab restrooms along the bike path for approximately $200,000 each.
These projects are all handicapped assessible.

I wonder if this went out for bid and if so how did they compare.

Once again it seems as if the city wants to rush this through so there are no questions.
I think there is a need for restrooms, but 1/2 a million dollars seems a bit much to spend.

Shelley said...

Read the post again and see what is included and why. There has been consultation with existing businesses to provide concessions as well. As opposed to Alderman Meyer's brilliant proposal to bring in a White Castle-there are local folks close by in his own ward that could participate and benefit. Oh, but that doesn't make a provacative quote and it would also mean talking and knowing some of those business owners.

QuadCityImages said...

If a prefab bathroom costs $200k, I can really understand that a non-prefab bathroom/utility building/locker room/shelter/concession stand that needs flood protection could cost over twice that.