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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Weekend Guardian Angel schedule

I've been getting conflicting reports, so consider this schedule tentative. When the Midwest representative of the Guardian Angels called me last night, he said meet at the Radison at 11 pm for a long patrol. Now through Alderman Meyer I have a schedule that's different. I'll post the information he sent me, and sort it out as it happens.

Mike will be arriving from Chicago to Davenport on Friday, March 23, 2007 at 11:00 p.m. at the Radisson. He will be meeting approximately 15 volunteers who have shown an interest in becoming Guardian Angels at that time at the Radisson. Friday night will consist of an application process.

Saturday at 1:00 training sessions will begin, location TBA. The GA have four areas of training: legal, medical, self defense and patrol. They have acquired volunteer training for self-defense from a long-time former Scott County Sheriff’s Dept. deputy. The rest of the training is still being worked on.

The GA will then patrol areas of the city, locations TBA, on Saturday the 24th right after training sessions and continue until approx. 2:00-3:00 a.m.

The Chief announced this morning at Dept. Head that the Sheriff’s Dept. will be conducting the background checks for the citizens who have volunteered to be GA.

I'm glad at least the Sheriff's department is willing to work with the Guardian Angels. On top of doing the background checks, they will keep copies to know who actually are Guardian Angels. It looks like it may get busy for a while. If you signed up, please show up.


QuadCityImages said...

I thought you guys weren't going on patrols until you were fully trained?

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad that at least one of our law enforcement agencies are stepping up to plate to help, and acknowledge that we do have a serious crime problem in Davenport. I hope the GA can make a difference. I would love to have them patrol in my area.

cruiser said...

These will still be demonstration patrols with Guardian Angels from Chicago. Locals won't go on patrol alone until they pass the background check and training. That should happen sometime in July.

Anonymous said...

Will this group have a police escort during training? I hope so! Maybe they could patrol the riverfront, along the Mississippi, you know, the Ambrose type of folks. Folks that they will be able to intimidate without retaliation..

cruiser said...

The last three patrols we went on there were no police escort. We usually don't know where we're going to patrol until the last minute. When I know I'll let everyone know.